Search Engine Optimisation

  • Mass backlink generation

    • Creating quality general daily backlinks
      with high domain authority.

      You get over 1000 backlinks per day its normally
      over 2000 per day.

      Once a month we do a keyword targeted backlink posting
      with at least another 4000 links.

      Your site will be indexed 1 a month to over 2000 search engine indexes.

      Keep track of all the backlinks with
      free access to an SEO Panel.

      In a month that is
      34000 backlinks.

      In a year thats
      at least 41300 minimum
      backlinks created.
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  • Geo targeted Wordpress blogs

    $29.99 USD O singură dată
    • This includes 200 blog entries to Wordpress that a Geo tagged from areas in the USA or Canada. It works by loging in to your Wordpress account and adding 100 new users then for the next 2 months we drip feed 200 blog entries that will be unique that all have a Geo tag on them. The great thing about this is because they are all Geolinked your site will be higher on the search engines at the locations that have been linked. Depending on what your site is aimed at you may be right at the top in those locations. All we need from you is your Wordpress site url and login details and your keywords. Not only do you get higher in some areas 200 unique articles will help your over all SEO.
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